Season 1

  • Episode 1. Breeze

    Yukito Kunisaki arrives in town hoping to make some money with his puppet show. His original plans go on hold when he meets a strange girl.

  • Episode 2. Town

    Yukito relates the tale of the Winged Maiden to Misuzu. He gets an offer from Hijiri as he performs the puppet show to a dog outside her clinic.

  • Episode 3. Whisper

    During a visit to the shrine, Yukito and Misuzu's surroundings are transformed into fields when they see Kano, who is acting very strangely.

  • Episode 4. Plume

    Again in a trance state, Kano strangles Yukito until he blacks out. Back at the clinic, Hijiri may have some answers.

  • Episode 5. Wing

    Yukito goes stargazing with Minagi and Michiru, and walks Minagi home. Later, when playing cards with Misuzu, Yukito decides he must move out.

  • Episode 6. Star

    Minagi leaves home when her mother's mental health causes her to forget she has a daughter. Michiru may have a link to the 'girl in the sky'.

  • Episode 7. Dream

    Yukito has a flashback of his mother telling him about the girl with wings, and that she will die after the final dream. Misuzu's condition worsens.

  • Episode 8. Summer

    1000 years ago, Kanna, a girl with wings, is confined to a palace with only a bodyguard, Ryuuya, and her friend Uraha.

  • Episode 9. Moon

    Kanna's mother is killed as the group try to escape from the mountain. A brief moment of respite allows them some time to daydream.